Dumpster Rentals

30 Yard containers for construction sites

15 Yard and 20 Yard dumpsters for DIY home remodels

Providing Waste Management and Recycling solutions for over 25 years

Sage Recycling & Waste Solutions specializes in recycling and waste materials management  throughout the U.S.  We provide solutions based recycling and waste diversion programs to our clients that create profit centers for recyclables, reduce environmental footprints and lower waste disposal costs.

Locally Owned and Operated

At Sage, our mission is to provide our customers with the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions for their recyclables and waste materials utilizing the highest degree of customer service available.

Some of our services include:

  • Trash Hauling
  • Customized waste and recycling programs for your city, county or business.
  • Mill direct marketing services for truckloads of recyclable materials.
  • Baler and equipment sales and rental.
  • Paper and Hard Drive Shredding

Our Vision

We have developed a vast network of waste generators, municipal recyclers, private recyclers, domestic and international mill buyers, alternative raw materials consumers, alternative energy users and governmental agencies.  Our goal is to help these entities connect with one another so that each may take advantage of the needs and services of the others as we work together toward environmentally responsible business.

While our preference at Sage is to use traditional recycling avenues for the material streams of our customers, we recognize that traditional markets do not always exist for all commodities.  In these instances, Sage seeks out the opportunity to utilize these materials in Alternative Fuels, Alternative Raw Materials and Anaerobic Digestion applications.  We believe that if done in accordance with EPA regulations and the strictest environmental safeguards, AF and ARM applications can be viable solutions for materials that would otherwise be landfilled.

Our Services

Dumpster and Compactor Service

Sage provides dumpsters for Home Remodels, Construction Projects, Recycling and more.

Bale Pick Ups

Sage provides on site bale collection of Cardboard and Shrink Wrap bales for businesses across the United States.

Recycle Trailers

Sage can provide drop trailers at your site for collection, storage and sorting of your recyclable materials. It reduce service frequency, improve safety and more.

Recycling Brokerage

Our vast network of domestic and also international mills keeps your material moving on a consistent basis while providing you with the highest prices and lowest cost freight available.

Baler & Recycling Equipment Sales and Rental

We have an inventory of both new and refurbished balers, compactors and other equipment on hand and available for rent or purchase.

Waste Management and Consulting

Through our Waste Audit process, Sage will do a full evaluation of your current waste services, waste-stream and recycling program.